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Khamis, 6 Februari 2014

SPS-PUPS-JS coalition submits list

SPS party leader Ivica Dačić is heading the list, handed over the the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) on Wednesday.
The list comprises 250 candidates for MPs, including officials of SPS, PUPS and JS, and it is supported by 32,000 signatures. 

The list named “Ivica Dačić - SPS-PUPS-JS” was presented to the commission by Žarko Obradović, SPS deputy leader, Milan Krkobabić, PUPS deputy leader, and Dragan MarkovićPalma, JS leader. 

Obradović, who was authorized to submit the list, told reporters after the submittal that the coalition will stand for elections "with a policy which has already been recognized." 

"This policy is socially responsible, left wing oriented and ready to address accumulated problems," he underlined. 

"We will participate in these elections with an intention to win," Obradović said, and urged the citizens "to trust the coalition's capability to face new challenges." 

The SPS-PUPS-JS coalition will be listed the second in the ballot papers, given that the Progressives (SNS) were the first to submit their list on Wednesday.


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